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The Lukas Coaching Show 2004-04-26

by Justin Lukasavige on April 26, 2008

How do you get out of debt? My friend Preston discusses with me some ot things he and his family have done to get on the path to freedom. Learn the 6 steps that you can do right now if you want to become debt-free!

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Visit and learn how to get out of debt (everything buy your home) in just 24 months or less. It won’t happen unless you take the first step of developing a plan!

The 6 steps towards getting out of debt:
1. Stop borrowing more money (even credit cards)
2. Save some money for a beginner emergency fund ($1,000)
3. Prayer really works!
4. Sell something (or everything; how bad do you want this?)
5. Increase your income (extra job, overtime, self-employment, etc.)
6. List your debts from smallest payoff to largest and attack the smallest with a vengeance!

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