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That’s Just Me, And I’m Stickin’ To It!!!!

by Jory Butler on November 16, 2010

Boy, if we stuck to that line, we would all be in trouble, hugh?  Why do we do the things we do?  What’s that guy’s problem?  Why doesn’t my wife understand me?  Ok, maybe the last question is just because wives are superior to husbands. (Wives you can thank me now.)   We tend to ask questions like this, because our lack of understanding about personality.  There are many personality tests out there.   The Myers Briggs, Strong’s, and DISC are to name a few.

Why is this “Personality” testing so important when it comes to our work?  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Better understand someone else, such as your coworkers.
  • Become a better communicator. (And again the wives, say Amen!)
  • Know how you like to act towards task.
  • Helps you see things you may not see on your own.
  • Helps you understand the environments that you thrive in.
  • Helps this coach better understand my career clients.

How does this translate into your career?

Have you ever known someone who is a dominate type?  They make quick decisions and solve problems.  If your personality is more reserved, you may need to speed up your speech or get to the point with a dominate type of person.   Likewise, if you are dominant type, maybe you could slow down and take time to listen.  If you interview with someone that has a different personality style, you can communicate in the way they like to build rapport.

When we have an understanding of our personality and strengths, we will tend to find more satisfaction in our activities.  It can help you go from just good enough, to excelling in all facets of life.  If you haven’t taken a personality test, try one for the fun of it.  Make it a game and it might help you find a better fit for work that matters.

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