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176 Past Due – Confessions Of A Financial Coach (Part 1)

by Derek Sisterhen on October 15, 2011


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Past Due: Radio 176 – Confessions Of A Financial Coach (Part 1)

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Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many people who are trying to handle their finances with purpose and intention. I’ve learned as much from them as they’ve learned from me, and I wanted to share some of those things – confessions, if you will – with the radio audience.

Today we discussed:

1) How do you define “success”?

2) Are you accountable for your actions and opportunity to be successful?

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Off With Their Talking Heads!

by Derek Sisterhen on September 20, 2011

I have to be honest with you… No, wait a second. I hate it when I start a statement with, “I have to be honest”, it implies that I’m not always honest, but that, in this moment, I’m signifying that I will, in fact, be honest.

I don’t like that.

I’m always honest with you guys. In my honesty I’m going to vent a little bit.

I give plenty of accolades and much respect to the pioneers of the Internet. The technology we have today is incredible and it allows us to have a meaningful impact on many around us. It allows me to have awesome interactions with you, the loyal members of the PDR universe.

It also allows for an incredible preponderance of garbage.

That’s right. Thanks to the ease with which ebooks, physical books, audio books, blogs, videos, and websites can be birthed into existence, the number of hacks hatching before our eyes has grown exponentially.

Just because someone reads Think And Grow Rich doesn’t make them qualified to act as a business coach. Neither does reading The Millionaire Next Door mean they’re equipped to advise those with two commas in their net worth.

While it can be humorous in some cases, I find it increasingly obnoxious.

Now, please don’t be misled by the title of this post; I’m not suggesting we gather the villagers and head out with pitchforks and (freshly sharpened) axes. What I see in this crowd of talking heads is the same thing we’ve all seen at any family reunion or awkward high school reunion conversation. Just think of your loony uncle with all his political diatribes that have no factual basis. Or think of that guy or lady you meet at a party who has the tax code pegged (but doesn’t actually know the difference between a deduction and a credit).

See, talking heads have been with us forever. Our Information Age has just given them a unique megaphone like none that ever existed before. So, be on guard. A healthy dose of skepticism is wise; shrewdness is laudable.

By the way, did I tell you I’m planning on writing an ebook on brain surgery. I mean, I’ve watched a lot of Discovery Health and Grey’s Anatomy, and, you know, my wife used to work in healthcare. I’m pretty sure I’m qualified…

Ah, but then I’d be sticking my neck right out there on the chopping block.

Keep it real, friends; somebody has to.



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Past Due: Radio 169 – The Financial Plan For The Non-Conformist Family

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Josh and Sarah Gordon of have agreed to be guinea pigs in the PDR lab! In their effort to avoid mediocrity, they’re seeking direction on some huge financial goals in their new world of self-employment.

Today we assessed their goals for the next 12 months, their income and expenses, and I issued a 30-day action plan for them. Here’s what we know about them:


  • In the next 12 months, they’d like to pay off $10,000 in student loans and save an emergency fund of $2,500
  • They want to give away three $1,000 awards to people creatively addressing social concerns
  • They intend to live unconventionally (in tents, cabins, or vehicles) and travel extensively in North America

Income & Expenses:

  • Income – $2,904
  • Expenses – $2,012
  • Net Income/(Loss) – $892

30-Day Action Plan:

Over the next 30 days, The Non-Conformist Family needs to focus on two initial goals:

1) Tracking every dollar they spend to determine the accuracy of their planned spending (and cash flow potential)

2) Funnel every bit of extra cash flow into their emergency fund

In the days ahead, we’ll be revisiting The Non-Conformist Family to see how they’re progressing, answer questions as they arise, and provide guidance for them on their journey.

If you have a specific question, I’d be happy to answer it and further cultivate the wisdom of the Past Due Radio masses. The experiences of our listener base provide plenty of insight we all can learn from; don’t hesitate to ask – I’m happy to help!

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Twitter To Get A Job

by Jory Butler on January 20, 2011

This is one example of how to use “Twitter” in your job search.  Have fun with it.

The recommended book is called, “The Twitter Job Search Guide.”

(Go Ahead and hit the full screen button so you can see the video better)


If we haven’t connected on Twitter, my Twitter ID is: JoryButlerCoach


Do What You Gotta Do!!!

December 29, 2010

How many people do you know who are looking for that “ONE” perfect career.  I hear some people say, ” I can’t take that job because it’s not what I want’.”   They are scared they may get stuck in something they hate.  I completely understand about finding the work you love and not settling […]

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I Got Your Free!

December 22, 2010

In life when we pursue goals, sometimes life  doesn’t agree.   Obstacles and poor choices cause us to stop pursuing our dreams.  Obviously, there are many factors in not pursing a dream.  Sometimes we need an encouraging word or a resource to help us get over the hump.  In getting to where we want to […]

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Living Beneath Your Dignity?

December 15, 2010

I read this article by Dan Miller, author of 48 Days To The Work You Love.  I was moved by it’s content.  It reminded me of who I really am.  For those of you going through transition take these words to heart.   I hope it’s an encouragement for you. DAN MILLER Yes, I know […]

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Wanna Be A Superhero?

December 1, 2010

Would you want to be a superhero like Spider-man, Superman, or even Shrek? Yes, I consider Shrek a superhero.  (I personally would love to fly.)  Where would someone find out how to become a superhero?   How would you ever become a superhero? There really is a simple way to finding out if you would like […]

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Thanksgiving and The Resume

November 25, 2010

What does Thanksgiving and a resume have in common?  Not much, but I thought if I titled this blog, “Resume” not many people would be too excited.  I was thinking through what to talk about and I thought about the dreaded “Resume.”  Come on, you know  you dread writing your resume. There are many reasons […]

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That’s Just Me, And I’m Stickin’ To It!!!!

November 16, 2010

Boy, if we stuck to that line, we would all be in trouble, hugh?  Why do we do the things we do?  What’s that guy’s problem?  Why doesn’t my wife understand me?  Ok, maybe the last question is just because wives are superior to husbands. (Wives you can thank me now.)   We tend to ask […]

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