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Job Search Discouragement? You’re Better Than That.

by Jory Butler on November 3, 2010

How many of you know someone who is dealing with job search discouragement?  How many of you personally are dealing with this?  These days there are so many conversations that deal with finding “Work That Matters.”  There are many of you that have been laid off, are stressed, and are losing hope.

If there is one piece of advice that I can pass along to you today, it is have alternatives.  If you are just looking for one company, one job, one career, to fill you up, then you might run out of gas before you start.  If you have multiple companies that you are researching and doing a proper job search, then at the end of the day you should have multiple options to choose from.  If there are multiple job offers then you are more in control of your job search and life.  Have alternatives.

I ran across this video clip of Rocky Balboa.  This is the last movie in the “Rocky” series.  Rocky has learned many life lessons along the way and now his son must learn a few things.  The point of this clip is to encourage you through life struggles and give you a jolt for your day.  Be the person that God created you to be.  If you are struggling through the day to day activities of your job search, watch this and be encouraged.  You are better than that!!!  Lift your head high, chest out, smile, and get out there and find work you love.  You are worth it!

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