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Is Your Turn Signal On?

by Jory Butler on August 27, 2010

This is a post from the newest member of the Lukas Coaching/Past Due Radio team, Jory Butler.  Jory is a Career Coach with great passion, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Careers and Coaching

Have you ever been behind someone who has their turn signal on, but they never turn?  It can be a frustrating experience to those following this unaware driver.  Come on, you know you have been guilty of this.

Sometimes in our careers, we are that unaware driver and don’t realize how we affect others.  Many times our turn signal is nothing more than our personality being portrayed and/or interpreted the wrong way. For instance, a coworker could find someone with a dominating personality abrasive or controlling.  Another turn signal could be a decrease in work performance due to outside stressors. Maybe a negative attitude at work is affecting your coworkers or customers.

Allowing others to let us know our turn signal is on can be beneficial. It’s not always easy when someone tells you that your actions or attitudes are affecting those around you.  My wife is such a blessing because we have resolved to let each other know when our “turn signal” is on.  If we continue to embrace the corrections in life and use them to make us better people, we will have a higher probability of success.

My encouragement to you is to really take a look at yourself, rather than just the circumstances.  Find a trusted friend to hold you accountable or a coach to come along side you, with motivation and encouragement. In your career be a driver who is aware of how you are affecting others.

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