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Guest Posting on

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to! Outlined below are a few items to consider as you begin putting together your blog post.


Your post must be relevant to the fans of Our listeners and fans appreciate honest, original, independent thought. To get a feel for our conversations, please acquaint yourself with previous blogs and show episodes.

The following topics are frequently discussed; connecting your area of expertise to one or more of them would be greatly appreciated:

  • Financial worldview/belief system
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Debt elimination
  • Financial behavior
  • Family financial dynamics/coming of age

While many financial blogs and podcasts focus solely on how to do something, we choose to focus initially on why someone should make a change financially, and then how. Please keep this in mind as you construct your article; our audience prefers that we hone in on very specific situations, circumstances, and questions, rather than deal with broad subject matter (i.e. how to budget, how to spend less, how to pay off debt, how to save for retirement, etc.) We leave the broad discussions for the other bloggers and podcasters out there.

Note: Your post should not be an advertisement for you or your products/services. However, a kick reference to a book or your blog is acceptable. Your byline (below) will include direct reference to your products/services.


  • Your post must be your original creation. The same post cannot be previously published either on the web or in print.
  • By submitting your article, you agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or website. (Of course, you can promote the article on your own site with a short excerpt.)
  • Please include a personal byline or bio. It would be a good idea to include links to your blog or website, one for your bio or “About” page and one for your Twitter username. This is supposed to advertise YOU. Feel free to include something comical or a random fact. You can use mine as a reference below:

Derek Sisterhen is the host of Past Due Radio and Stewardship Director at Hope Community Church. He has worked in banking in corporate risk management and as a personal financial consultant to over 150 families. Derek also wrote Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage for newlywed couples to cultivate financial unity in the early days of marriage. For fun, Derek likes to rock out on his drum set (much to the chagrin of his wife). You can reach him @dereksisterhen and on his website,

  • Your post should be at least 300 words long and no more than 800 words.


After submitting your post, I will likely do some minor edits just to make sure it is totally presentable. Should any substantial changes need to be made (unlikely), I will seek your approval before final posting.

I may include a short introduction, conclusion, or comment to provide context for your post or the rationale for why I believe it is important. I will make sure my text is clearly delineated from yours stylistically.


I understand the work that it takes to write a blog post. However, the fact that you have written a post and submitted it to me does not obligate me to publish it. The only guest posts I will publish are those that in my sole judgment add value to my fans and listeners.

Furthermore, if I do not approve your guest post, I will not explain why I did not approve it or provide any detail.


If your post meets the above guidelines, please follow these steps:

  1. Email your post for my consideration to with “Guest Blog Post Request” in the subject line. I will respond with a “yes” or “no” within seven days.
  2. Include a link to a picture of yourself or graphic you would like to accompany the post.
  3. Please include the size of your following: Number of blog readers, Facebook friends and fans, and Twitter followers.
  4. Please confirm that you will engage my fans and listeners in the comments about your post. This is non-negotiable.

Note: If I am unable to accept your post, you are obviously free to do whatever you like with it, including publishing it elsewhere.

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