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Choose to Just Say No!

by Jaime Thompson on February 8, 2011

While it’s not new news, the lawsuit against McDonald’s and their Happy Meals is still making headlines. Here’s the thing, I get it, McDonald’s is not the healthiest food choice and they try to entice kids to then beg their parents to bring them so they can get some toy. However, last I checked I had the CHOICE to not eat there. And I have that same choice to tell my kids no. At what point do we as Americans, consumers, and parents start taking accountability for our decisions? This isn’t just about some $0.02 piece of plastic that comes with a ton of saturated fat and sodium. It’s about making choices in our lives that are better for us. Kids need boundaries, so if you can’t start with telling them “no” to that happy meal, where are you going to start?

(photo by cocoen)

  • Randy

    You get ‘em Jamie!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Randy! I had to make it short before I couldn’t step off my pedestal!

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