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Budget Buster…Attending Weddings

by Jaime Thompson on January 25, 2011

December is the most popular month for engagements accounting for 20% of total engagements all year! Know a couple that said “yes” over the holidays? Or perhaps will be getting engaged come Valentine’s Day. Congratulations to them! Now guess what? The impending nuptials are no longer a surprise to you or your budget. As in, start planning to attend the big event now. Lets take a look at some things you may need to pay for to attend the celebration.

Will the event be in a different town from where you live? Airfare? Gas? Hotel? Rental car? Dining out?

Are you in the wedding? Will you have to rent a tux? Buy a bridesmaids dress? Shoes? Accessories? Have your hair, make up, and nails done?

Will you be hosting or attending a bridal shower? Perhaps more travel expenses? And don’t forget a gift.

Will you be attending a bachelor or bachelorette party? Even more traveling? Entertainment expenses?

And don’t forget a wedding gift!

Yikes! Things can start adding up quickly. Be realistic about your budget. How long do you have from now until the wedding day? What can you honestly afford to put away each month to prepare for the expenses that lie ahead? While weddings are wonderful (and hopefully) once in a lifetime events, they are not an excuse for you to go into debt. If you can’t afford the $300 bubble gum pink taffeta dress the bride wants you to purchase to be in the wedding, be up front with her. Perhaps you can assist in another meaningful way and spare yourself the debt and the dress you know you will never wear again. Be honest with yourself about whether you can afford to travel out of town for a wedding shower, and a bachelor(ette) party, and the wedding. I understand these may be hard choices to make, but focus on what is important to you in your life and prioritize. After all the happy couple will be committing themselves to each other until death (not debt) do them part.

(photo by sarawestermark)

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