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Are You A Sneetch?

by Jaime Thompson on October 1, 2010

A quick tour of my house and it’s no secret I’m a Dr. Seuss fan. I love his creativity and the life lessons he always manages to sneak into the story regardless of how zany the words and characters may be. One of my all time favorites is The Sneetches, a story about a group of silly looking yellow creatures, some with green stars on their bellies and some without. Those with the green stars are deemed “the cool crowd” and those without are sad and desperate to be included. One day a “fix-it-up-chappie” by the quirky name of Sylvester McMonkey McBean arrives and seeing the moping Plain Belly Sneetches, quickly sets up a star-on machine. For a mere $3 each, the Plain Belly Sneetches can take a quick ride through this machine and come out with a star on their belly, giving them the appearance of being “cool”. Well as you can imagine the original Star-Belly Sneetches are none too pleased, so Sylvester McMonkey McBean puts together his star off machine. For only $10 they can have that star removed so they can once again declare themselves to be the best kind of Sneetch on the beach. The Sneetches get so caught up in their appearance they keep running through both machines “until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew whether this one was that one or that one was this one or which one was what one or what one was who.”* While they finally came to realize they were trying to discriminate and/or impress each other based solely on physical appearance, they spent every last dollar they had doing so.

Are you trying to impress people with things and stuff? Are you living paycheck to paycheck (or worse going into debt) trying to be somebody you aren’t? Is this the life you want? Or would you rather your friends be people who love you for being you, not whether or not you have a star upon thar.

* Dr Seuss. The Sneetches and Other Stories (Random House, 1961)

(photo by B3OK)

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