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Are You a Grinch?

by Jaime Thompson on December 3, 2010

I know, another Dr. Seuss reference and more talk about “stuff”. I can’t help it, tis the season, and I warned you before about my love of Dr. Seuss. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, can we focus on another aspect of the holidays for a bit? It is more than giving “stuff” to each other isn’t it? I know you get it, I don’t like clutter.

Growing up we had an advent chain. We’d open one link a day throughout December. Sure, we’d get the occasional candy treat or little trinket, but what my sister and I remember most are the memories and traditions my parents created for us. Shopping for toys for tots, singing Christmas carols, driving around to look at the Christmas lights, and of course watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

I don’t expect you to not spend money during this time of year, that would make me a big hypocrite. However, a recent study found that spending money for an experience – theater tickets, traveling, cooking classes – produces longer-lasting satisfaction that spending money on stuff. So maybe instead of filling your home with things you can fill your life with experiences and create memories that long outlast any material item.

What family traditions do you hope to carry on?  What experiences are you ready to undertake?

(photo by slworking2)

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