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178 Past Due – The Past Due Radio Finale

by Derek Sisterhen on October 28, 2011


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Past Due: Radio 178 – The Past Due Radio Finale

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As the all-knowing They say: “All good things must come to an end.” After nearly four years of broadcasting, Past Due Radio went out with a bang. In honor of the finale, we welcomed back Justin Lukasavige, the original host of Past Due Radio (and current host of, to reminisce and help us guide the ship back home one last time.

Today we discussed why the time has come to move forward from Past Due Radio. With transitions in my professional life, I want to continue helping those I come into contact with as effectively as possible. I’ll be doing so by helping Justin with, collaborating on relevant subject matter like leadership, creating culture, and strategic planning (that actually works).

We relived, and even replayed, some memorable moments:

The Pontiac Caller – Just after GM stopped producing Pontiacs, one eager caller wanted to know if his truly would wind up a collector’s item. We had to break the bad news…

The 100th Episode – The epic opening musical sequence took me a long time to program into our soundboard, but it was worth every second!

The Jelly Beans – In true Past Due Radio community fashion, Tony rose to the challenge by sending us Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans. Justin and I ate them on video and nearly tossed our cookies.

I’ve managed to ruffle thousands of feathers with my critique of those who steamroll their family members with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. To date, The Dark Side of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps is the most-watched video we ever released on Past Due Radio. Justin helps all the critics of my video put down the pitchforks and torches on YouTube. And we even released a video in response to them, where I highlight the bright side of the Baby Steps.

It’s been an incredible journey with you, our fans and listeners. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to host this show and inviting me to join you in the adventure of making this life truly count.

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  • Archie

    I just may have listened to THE very first show. Thus, it is appropriate that I listen to THE very last show! I just wish I could have tuned in live to this one, chat and all that good stuff!
    I will close this chapter of history by saying, Derek and Justin, you will never know how much you both have positivily impacted the lives of my family and I. Thank you so much.
    Now…let the progression of a GREAT life resume, with EVEN better, in HIGH gear!
    Your bud, and eternal fan -Archie

  • Justin Lukasavige

    Thanks, Archie! I love how you’re been there for us since the beginning. Be sure to join us at

  • Jonathan White

    Justin and Derek, thanks for 178 great episodes! I am going
    to miss the show but I understand that it is time to move on. This show helped
    a lot of people including myself financially and it even inspired me to start
    my own podcast last year. Best wishes going forward and I am looking to hearing
    Derek on more.

  • Justin Lukasavige

    Thanks, Jonathan. I appreciate the support.

  • Ron

    I started listening to the show after Derek took the reigns and I found it to be a very high quality and underrated personal finance podcast.  Derek presented a very straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to personal finance and a more real-life approach to Dave Ramsey’s philosophies.  Sad to hear you guys are closing the chapter on this one and wish you luck, Derek, in your endeavors.  

  • Justin Lukasavige

    Thanks for listening, Ron. Derek knew his stuff and I was confident the show was going to be in good hands when I handed it over.

    Be sure to tune in at Derek was just on with me last week and he’ll be a frequent guest.

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