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136 Past Due – Do-Overs: Finding A Place To Live

by Derek Sisterhen on December 17, 2010


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Past Due: Radio 136 – Do-Overs: Finding A Place To Live

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Remember when you’d yell, “Do over!” while playing games as a child? It was so easy to have a second (or third, or fourth) chance back then. When I reflect on how I went about renting an apartment before getting married, I can easily say I’d like a do-over.

Today, I discussed three major renting mistakes I made. I never saw the town I moved to in daylight, nor could I have foreseen the robbery we experienced and the insecurity that followed.

1) Don’t assume that someone who recommends a place has the same perspective on quality of life as you do. Using local property values and tax rates will reveal much about your environment.

2) Manage the risk of living around so many others; alarm systems and fireproof safes are necessities.

3) Don’t be afraid to leave; we compounded our insecurity and distress by staying put when we could’ve left for greener pastures.

With the lessons learned, I still wouldn’t have changed our strategy to rent in anticipation of buying a home. Today I regularly referred back to how renting got us in position to buy a home faster and helped us be better financially prepared for that purchase.

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