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135 Past Due – Do-Overs: Buying A Car

by Derek Sisterhen on December 10, 2010


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Past Due: Radio 135 – Do-Overs: Buying A Car

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Remember when you’d yell, “Do over!” while playing games as a child? It was so easy to have a second (or third, or fourth) chance back then. When I reflect on how I purchased my last car (over five years ago), I can easily say I’d like a do-over.

Today, I discussed three mistakes (and one success) I made when purchasing the car that ultimately became what Elisa and I buckled down to pay off in 16 months.

1) Beware of car dealerships – there’s no such thing as “just looking”!

2) Beware of letting a car repair “force” you into buying a brand new car; emotions can get the best of you (and your savings account).

3) Beware of not running the numbers; my car buying decision has negatively impacted my net worth by over $17,000.

4) Success: Whenever possible, sell your vehicles yourself.

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  • Jon White

    Derek, I really enjoyed listening to your car purchasing story. I have a similar story in purchasing real estate; being unprepared, not running the numbers, and making an emotional purchase without really negotiating the price. It just goes to show that, even if you are a “Financial guy”, making purchases based on emotion can cost you thousands of dollars. Thanks for sharing!

    Jon White

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