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134 Past Due – Do-Overs: Preparing For Marriage

by Derek Sisterhen on December 3, 2010


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Past Due: Radio 134 – Do-Overs: Preparing For Marriage

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Remember when you’d yell, “Do over!” while playing games as a child? It was so easy to have a second (or third, or fourth) chance back then. When I reflect on how I prepared financially for my marriage, I can easily say I’d like a do-over.

Today, I discussed four primary opportunities I (and many others, apparently) missed to cultivate deeper intimacy with my wife and avoid the financial tension trap that 84% of marriages experience.

1) We would’ve paid more attention during our pre-marital prep class, particularly to learning more about communication styles.

2) We would’ve made a list of financial dreams and goals for our first five years of marriage.

3) We would’ve laid all our financial cards on the table, showing how we behaved with money.

4) We would’ve made it a point to celebrate accomplishments more regularly.

If you’re looking for an excellent resource, I wrote Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage specifically for those engaged and married couples that want to cultivate deeper intimacy and unity over money. Check out the Christmas Special: Buy two books and get one FREE!

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  • Justin Lukasavige

    Great points, Derek. Christine are constantly working on this. We’re putting the final touches on our 2011 goals right now.

  • Derek Sisterhen

    The simple act of setting goals together has diffused so many money fights between Elisa and I. The stress relief alone is worth the time we invest in that process. Of course, the benefits are huge when you start checking things off your list!

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