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133 Past Due – Kids Activities & Your Budget

by Derek Sisterhen on November 26, 2010


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Past Due: Radio 133 – Kids Activities & Your Budget

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When was the last time you calculated the cost of all the activities your kids are involved in? Most parents feel tremendous guilt if they aren’t creating “well-rounded” kids, so they’ll spend themselves into a hole.

Today we talked about how this type of unbridled spending not only destabilizes your financial picture, but actually does more harm than good for your children and their financial future. We must count the costs associated with kids activities – financial, relational, and otherwise.

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  • Archie

    Hey Derek “soap box” Sisterhen! Thank goodness for podcast. I want to be able to join you live on Fridays but things and life seems to get in my way. Sorry bro. It may be archived, but it’s still good stuff.
    Show highlights that I caught:
    1.) I happen to like the H.P. Jelly Bean show! :-)
    2.) Lately we have had to drastically limit the activities our boys do, and us, the parents, as well (I think we miss eating at Cracker Barrel more than anything else!). But, you know what? I believe we have become some-what closer as a result. Humm, what’s up with that?
    3.) Leave Mickey alone! But then, come to think of it, my wife and I did take a Disney vacation a couple years ago, and our boys went with us too! hehe
    4.) Austin (son) has already been accepted into TN Tech here in Cookeville. He starts next Fall. I’m proud of him, he is determined to not have student loans. He’s been all over the internet looking for scholarships. Something is working! Quick request Derek; it may be beneficial to all your listeners to do more shows on scholarship searches and resources to help with that.
    And last, bus certainly not least:
    I’ve not quite listening to you, cause you’re still awesome buddy! Keep rolling’em out man!

  • Derek Sisterhen

    Hey Archie – thanks for a great post, my friend! I appreciate your loyal listenership and sharing some of the changes you have made to build your relationships (and your savings).

    I love Mickey just as much as the next guy, I’m just not a big fan of looking at the Disney trip as some require rite of passage for your kids. Otherwise, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E is fine by me!

  • Btnhwish

    Great show Derek!! Long time listener, first time poster. My wife and I get fired up when this subject gets brought up, so I liked your soap box. Get on that thing!!!! It’s such a problem in our society. The quality of us raising our kids is determined by what and how much we spend on them, from the nursery all the way through college. Good stuff Derek!!

    Thanks for all you and Justin do!!

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